Limited Assistance

Limited Assistance Representaiton

Traditionally in a contested divorce, or a divorce which is decided by a judge, you had two choices; go it alone (represent yourself) or hire an attorney to handle the entire process. 

Now Massachusetts allows you to hire an attorney for just a part of your divorce on a "pay as you go" basis. This can involve a one time court appearance, a settlement negotiation, advice or drafting documents at any stage of the process. YOU ARE IN CHARGE. YOU decide what you want or do not want.


"I had the pleasure of working with Michael through a real rough time in my life. He was thoughtful and kind but most of all he listened and gave us the tools we needed to get through it all. It wasn't easy but we came out the other side with an agreement we both could live with and our children are doing well. My advice is just keep trying until you get it right. Thank you so much Michael" M.D.