Mediation Continued .....

Other Uses for Famiy Mediation:

We have also helped siblings use mediation to resolve disputes over the care of aging parents, or how they can design a resolution plan for future disputes, or parents arguing with their children over money or other family issues. These families design their own agreements and other documents.

Make Scheduling a Priority:

It is important to remember that you and your spouse control the mediation process by being prepared and ensuring the mediation sessions are a priority in your schedule.

Some Observations About "Mediation"

  • The family usually knows better than anyone else what is best for its members
  • When spouses can decide for themselves, there is a reduction in feelings of anger, frustration and helplessness
  • When spouses can talk and listen to each other, each feels less threatened by the other
  • Self-determination, rather than orders imposed by a court, reduced conflict and increases the chance for compliance with a plan developed by the parties themselves
  • When parents can reduce their conflict over any issue, their children benefit directly
  • People will change during and after the divorce. A plan worked out by them can be more flexible in adapting to their changed circumstances
  • By hiring a mediator to help them work out an agreement, parents can save themselves time, money and frustration.

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